Test of the LOOP Scandi SDS Shooting Head Kit

I have just been out testing the LOOP SCANDI SDS Shooting Head Kit with the LOOP 7x 13,2′ #8 Spey Rod

The Kit includes a 6,4m/21 ft floating head with a weight of 24 g/371 gr and three Tips F/S3/S5 with a length of 3,6m/12 ft and 7 g/108 gr. The total length is 10m/ 33ft and 31 g/479 gr. The color of the body is white . The Tips are multi density tips and the colors are, white, white/light grey, white/ dark grey and they have sink speed, length and weight printed on on them. There is also the possibility to add an optional 5 ft micro tip. The line is very smooth and the connection loops are very small, so you almost don’t feel them when they are connected.

When I started casting the the line it felt very balanced and it was very effortless to cast. It loaded easily and it turned over very well. The landing on the surface was quiet and the 15 ft leader landed perfekt. I really liked the line. I have not tested the sinking tips yet but that will be very interesting to do that as well.

In the kit there is also a nice little storage bag for the Tips. The only thing that I would like to have is a small specification sheet, similar to RIO’s, that fitted in the storage bag so you easily could see the specifications of the head and tips regarding sink rate, length and weight. I suspect that the printed information on the Head and Tips will wear of after a while and then it would be handy to have the small specification sheet.

To sum up the first test with the LOOP Scandi SDS Shooting Head Kit, I can just say that I am very pleased and I really recommends it.