Test of the LOOP Scandi SDS Shooting Head Kit – Part 2

I have tested the LOOP SCANDI SDS Shooting Head Kit with the G.Loomis NRX 13′ #8 Spey Rod

LOOP SCANDI SDS Shooting Head Kit

The feeling with the LOOP SCANDI SDS Shooting Head on the G.Loomis NRX compaird with the LOOP 7X is the same. It is a really smooth, soft and well balanced spey line. The weight in the line i very well balanced so it loads the rod very easy. It does matter if you just have the 10 meters of fly line out or you makes a 30 meters cast, the line is just effortless to use. The line lands quiet on the water very straight. I have to test this line on the Sage Method 12,6′ #8 to se if the result is as good as on the two tested rods.

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