G.Loomis NRX+ Spey Rod Review

G.Loomis History in Sweden.

The old G.Loomis NRX is a very popular spey rod in Sweden. The big problem is that you can’t buy them anymore, because there are no fly shop in Sweden selling G.Loomis due to the fact that there is no distributor. I called G.Loomis in USA and asked where to buy their rods in Sweden alternative in Europe and the guy that I talked to had no idea, he referred me to Shimano that owns G.Loomis. I have tried to call them and also Email them without any luck. It ended up with me buying a G.Loomis NRX+ 13,3″ #9 from a fly shop in USA. This means that there are probably not many NRX+ rods in the Europe.


The G.Loomis NRX+ 13,3″ #9 weighs 213g and the rod parts weighs from the butt section, 141, 41, 21 and 9 grams. The rod handle has a total length of 560 mm. The rod tube is 1110 mm long and 65mm in diameter. The total weight of the rod and tube is 928 grams.
The NRX+ has a very nice dark grey blank with two Titanium SIC stripper guides, and the rest is hard chrome snake guides. The fit and finish is very nice with black wraps and grade AAA cork and composite grip. The down locking reel seat in aluminium has G.LOOMIS inscription and two locking nuts and is smooth and nice looking.
The rod design in my opinion is too discreet, this is infact a all new rod that refines and improves everything from the old NRX with the new NRX+.
I have two comments, the composite cork on the fighting but has a sharp edge that rubbed against my fingers so I had to take a sandpaper and sand down the edge a little bit to get a smoother fighting butt. Unfortunately there are no alignment dots on the rod.

The new G.Loomis NRX+ rod series has something that they call Dynamic Recovery Technology. It is a combination of their new Mega Modulus+ graphite matrix and GL8 resin system. That combination creates crisp actions with smooth, rapid recovery. The Rod is 15% lighter than original NRX which always is nice when you use the Rod for long fishing days.

Casting the G.Loomis NRX+ 13,3″ #9 Spey Rod

The setup for the review was the NRX+ 13,3″ #9, Danielsson H5D 9thirteen with a RIO Versitip #9 36g, 15″ leader and RIO slickshooter shooting line. When I used it for fishing in the Mörrum river I used Hardy Scandi Rocket #9 36g Hover/Intermediate shooting Head and S2/S3 & S4/S5 tips

I started casting short distances with just the line outside the rod tip and the rod gave me nice feedback both when the D-Loop loaded the rod, and when the line was released. With just a small load, the rod was bending all the way down to rod handle. With more power the rod was just getting better and better. It is a forgiving rod that makes it easy to cast longer distances. With some effort I could cast the whole fly line (10m) and 25m of the shooting line, and still the rod performed very well. This is a rod that I think most people will like due to the light and crips blank, good feedback, and effortless casting.
When I was in Mörrum fishing, I was wading with water from my knees up to my waist and I had to lift a sinking shooting head with sinking tips out of the water before I made a new spey cast, and the NRX+ has a really powerful blank who makes it easy to use sinking lines.
I noticed that even after a whole day of fishing, the ferrules had not losend and is was still easy to disassembly the rod. This just shows that the fitting in the ferrules is very good. The reel seat is also very good, it holds the reel firmly all day long and it is very easy to loosen the two locking nuts and release the fly reel. I have fished a lot with the old NRX 13″ and 14″ rods but it will probaby just use the new NRX+ now.


The new G.Loomis NRX+ 13,3″ #9 spey rod is just a wonderful rod, it is 13% lighter than the old NRX 13″ and more powerful than theNRX 14″. It is a rod that you can use with both full floating lines and full sinking lines and it handles both very well. If you have the possibility to test one, I encourage you to do it.

My 95cm and about 9-10kg Salmon caught with G.Loomis NRX+ 13,3″ #9