About Me

My name is Thomas Lundqvist, I am living in Trelleborg in Sweden and I started fishing with two hand fly fishing rods three years ago and this was a new chapter in my life. After the first year of struggling with the my poor casting skills a saw a video on YouTube with Klaus Frimor’s Crash Course on Scandi Casting. In this video Klaus Frimor very clearly shows how to cast Scandi casting with a two hand fly ord. I immediately started practising this casting technique. After several weeks I started to see improvements. Next step was to start filming myself and that helped me alot, because then I could see what faults I was doing. I can just agree with Klaus when he says that it is all about practice and practice. Other things that is important is to use the power from the underhand and not the top hand. Also the swep is important for the final result. I would also say that it is simpler to cast with a spey rod that is not to fast because then the rod will forgive bad timing. I used Loomis NRX rods and Loop Cross S1 rods, and both of them are quite forgiving.

If you want to contact me, use this E-Mail: thomas.lundqvist1966@gmail.com